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Choral Scholarships at all Oxford Colleges are awarded subject to the candidate receiving an academic offer to study at the University; all offers are conditional, and require candidates to achieve specific A level results. Choral auditions take place in Oxford in September. After the auditions, candidates follow the usual UCAS admissions process, culminating in academic interviews in Oxford in December.


Those elected to Choral Scholarships (Academical Clerkships) at Magdalen College are expected to commit fully to the Choir. Clerks enjoy a busy and varied schedule, and it is perfectly possible to balance academic and choral duties. Clerks receive a number of benefits as part of their scholarship: singing lessons are provided and paid for by the College; keyboards are provided in rooms; when singing at College events such as reunion dinners and weekly formal hall, meals are provided free of charge. 

The Informator is always pleased to meet with prospective candidates informally throughout the year.

To arrange a time to meet, please email

Further general information for choral applicants can be found on the University Admissions page.


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